A popular and dependable chilli that produces plants that are attractive, hot and productive.

Heat level: 45,000–65,000 SHU (not tested by Sea Spring Seeds)


Capsicum annuum

An old and dependable chilli that – for good reason – has many loyal followers. The reason for such loyalty is that this variety is as easy to grow and as productive as a chilli plant can be.

The attractive plants are early to mature and have a compact, tidy growth habit that makes them ideal for growing in both large and small pots – they even look good in hanging baskets.

The fruit start green and ripen to a rich red. They hang downwards like pendulums, and measure about 4-5cm long and 1cm wide. The fruit are hot and thin fleshed, which means they are good for drying.

If you have little experience with growing chillies this is a good variety to start with. The only downside to Apache is that the chillies are hot, so if you are a chilli beginner and would perfer to cook with medium heat chillies then Apache might not be for you. Instead, we would recommend growing Cayennetta – a variety that is very similar to Apache in looks and dependability, but produces fruit with a low medium heat.

Heat level: 45,000–65,000 SHU (not tested by Sea Spring Seeds)
For information on Scoville Heat Units (SHU) click here.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 10

RHS Award of Garden Merit