An elongated, hot chilli with bright red fruit bunched together at the tips of the branches.

Heat level: hot


Capsicum annuum

A hot, elongated chilli that originally came from an Italian deli in Scotland. The fruit are about 4 to 5cm long, and ripen from green to bright red fairly late in the season. They can be dried and ground to a powder or used fresh in curries, chutneys and sauces.

The fruit boldly point upwards above the leaves and are bunched together at the tips of the branches. Though this is an eye-catching display in its own right, you can also cut off the branches with the fruit intact and use them in floral arrangements.

The medium tall, shrubby plants are suitable for keeping in the ground or pots 5 to 10 litres in volume. They will need support in order to stay upright.

Heat level: hot
For information on what heat levels in chillies mean click here.

Approximate number of seed per pack: 20

Additional information

Plant description

Size: medium
Shape: upright
Support is necessary

Fruit description

Shape: elongated cone
Flesh: thin
Colour: green ripening to red
Heat level: hot