An extremely pretty chilli covered in regal fruit that mature from a deep purple to dark red.

Heat level: approx. 45,000 SHU


Capsicum annuum

A product of Sea Spring Seeds’ breeding efforts, Dusk is a pretty plant that is covered in regal fruit that mature from a deep purple to dark red. The thin, pointed fruit grow upright above the foliage, and average about 60mm long and are hot, adding value to what is a very attractive variety.

The short, bushy plants don’t need support and are adapted to containers 1 to 5 litres in volume ­– we keep ours in 3 litre pots, where they grow about 15cm tall and 35cm wide. Because the plants need so little space, they are great on a sunny windowsill in the house, or in a small greenhouses or  tunnel.

Dusk is the sister variety to ‘Dawn‘, a very similar variety (produced from the same cross), only with yellow to red fruit.

Heat level: 45,000 SHU (hot)
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Approx. number of seeds per pack: 15

A Sea Spring Seeds variety

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Capsicum annuum

Interesting factoids

The colour change of Dusk’s fruit (purple to red) makes the variety the perfect match for its sister variety, Dawn’s purple-to-red offering (also bred by us).

Try growing Dusk and Dawn together for an eye-capturing show of fireworks.