Shaped somewhat like a bell, this is the oddest shaped chilli pepper we sell.

Heat level: medium
(approx. 13,000 SHU)


Capsicum baccatum

Perhaps the oddest chilli we sell, Tinkerbell has 3 or 4 wings attached to the bottom of the fruit, giving them a vaguely bell-like appearance. Though the fruit as a whole are medium hot, the heat is not evenly distributed. Instead, pungency is concentrated in fruit’s central core, while the wings have no discernible heat at all.  

The fruit mature from green to red, developing a flesh that is crunchy and fairly thick. Odd though they are, the fruit are surprisingly good when used raw in a salad or stuffed with a savoury and baked.

The plants yield a decent number of fruit fairly late in the season. They are very tall and undisciplined, and need plenty space to avoid overcrowding. Grow them either in the ground or large pots 10 to 15 litres, providing strong support so that they don’t fall over.

Seed of Tinkerbell were originally sent to us by an Italian agronomist in 1999. Other than that, we know little about it except that the fruit have a similar shape to a variety called Bishop’s Crown or Friar’s Hat, which in turn are a variation of the Uba Tuba and Wrecking Ball chillies.

Heat level: medium (approx. 13,000 SHU). The wings virtually heatless.
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Approximate number of seed per pack: 20 seeds