Dorset Naga


Once the hottest chilli in the world, the fruit have a wonderful compelling aromatic flavour. Productive, versatile plants.

Heat level: superhot
(> 1,221,000 SHU)


Capsicum chinense

Dorset Naga is a member of a group of chillies called “Superhots”, which are the hottest in the world. Once considered the hottest chilli in the world, it is capable of reaching a million Scoville Heat Units and considerably more depending on growing conditions. The scorching heat of the fruit is combined with a distinctive fruity aroma, making this a truly exceptional chilli.

Dorset Naga fruit
A Dorset Naga chilli

The wrinkled, wedge-shaped fruit measure up to 30 x 50mm in size, but can be smaller. They ripen from green to red, and may be harvested at either stage of maturity; though if it is heat you want pick the fruit red as they can be almost twice as hot as the green fruit.

The plants are tall and ungainly, and when grown in the ground or very large pots can reach a height of 1.5m or more. Grown in smaller pots, however, their height will be considerably reduced.

Heat level: Superhot (800,000–1,221,000 SHU – from annual tests carried out over 10 years on whole crops grown at Sea Spring Seeds). BBC Gardener’s World had a single fruit measured at 1,598,277 SHU. 
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Approximate number of seeds per pack: 20

British Ethnic
A Sea Spring Seeds variety