Dorset Zinger


A curious superhot with matt-red fruit that exceed 1 million SHU.

Heat level: superhot
(approx. 1,060,000 SHU)


Capsicum chinense

Dorset Zinger is superhot habanero sold exclusively by Sea Spring Seeds. A gift from a generous friend, we were surprised when fruit we grew on our nursery exceeded 1 million SHU.

The fruit measure about 2 x 5cm and change from light green to matt red as they mature. They are thin-fleshed and distinguished by tiny pimples scattered over an otherwise smooth surface.

The medium tall plants have an open growth habit and can be grown in the ground or pots 7.5 to 10 litres in volume. The plants will need support to stay upright.

Heat level:  superhot (approx. 1,060,000 SHU)
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Approximate number of seed in a pack: 20

Sea Spring Seeds variety