Moruga Scorpion


A legendary superhot that lives up to its killer reputation.

Heat level: superhot
(approx. 1,120,000 SHU)


Capsicum chinense

A legendary superhot that lives up to its the killer reputation – it exceeded 1 million SHU when we grew it on our West Dorset nursery. The distinctively-shaped fruit measure about 3.8cm in diameter and turn from green to red as they mature. They are deeply ribbed and severely wrinkled, giving them an otherworldly appearance.

The tall, upright plants produce fruit that ripen fairly late in the season. Give the plants plenty of space; grow them in the ground or large pots 10 to 15 litres in volume; and provide some support.

Heat level: superhot (1,120,000 SHU)
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Approximate number of seeds per pack: 20

Note: this variety is sometimes called Trinidad Scorpion