A prolific and early yielding chilli with hot, thick-fleshed fruit.

Heat level: hot
(approx. 35,000 SHU)


Capsicum annuum

Found in Turkish and Asian shops, Bullet is a prolific and early yielding chilli distinguished by its hot, cone-shaped fruit. As they mature, the fruit reach a length of 7cm and turn from green to red.  They develop a thick, juicy flesh and can be substituted for jalapeños or used as a frying pepper when either green or red. Alternatively, they can be treated like Padron chilli and eaten whole as a ‘mangetout’ (see ‘Additional Information’).

Grow the bushy, medium tall plants either in the ground or pots 7.5 to 10 litre in size. You should also provide some support so that they don’t fall over.


Heat level: hot (approx. 35,000 SHU)
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Approximate number of seeds per pack: 20

British ethnic
Good for mangetout

Additional information

Mangetout pepper

To eat Bullet as a ‘mangetout’, do the following:
• Harvest immature, green fruit when they are 5 to 6cm long. At this stage, the seeds are still soft and pliable.
• Fry the fruit in hot oil until the skin blisters – we use British cold pressed rapeseed oil. The fruit spit and spatter, propelling hot oil from the pan, so be careful not to get burned.
• Scatter some salt over the fruit and eat them, seeds and all, while they are warm. Remember, though, that all the fruit of Bullet will be spicy to some extent.
• If the spiciness of Bullet is too much, then try more manageable varieties such as Padron, Friggitello, Sivri Biber and Turkish Delight.