Piment Curry


A Maurtian chilli with thin-fleshed, pleasantly aromatic fruit that ripen from green to red.

Heat level: hot
(approx. 29,000 SHU)


Capsicum baccatum

A Mauritian aji chilli that came from a shop in the London district of Tooting. The thin-fleshed, wrinkled fruit are about the size and shape of a forefinger, and have the pleasant aroma typical of other ajis. They ripen from green to red, and are hot at the red ripe stage of maturity. Green Piment Curry is preferred by the Mauritians, who either fry the fruit in olive oil or coat them in a spicy chickpea batter before deep frying.  

The shrubby, medium tall plants are ideal for growing in the ground or pots. 7.5 to 10 litres in size. In order to stay upright, they will need some support.

Heat level: hot (approx. 29,000 SHU)
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Approximate number of seeds per pack: 20

British Ethnic
A Sea Spring Seeds variety