Sivri Biber


A mainstay of Turkish cooking, this very mild, high yielding chilli is normally eaten when green and immature.

Heat level: very mild
(approx. 1,500 SHU)

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Capsicum annuum

One of the mainstays of Turkish cooking, Sivri Biber is a very mild chilli with elongated fruit that measure 2.2 x 20cm. The fruit ripen from green to red, and are traditionally harvested and used for grilling at the green, immature stage. They can also be used as a mangetout pepper, when the seeds are still soft (see Additional Information).

The shrubby plants are medium tall and grow brilliantly in the ground as well as larger pots 7.5 to 10 litres in size. They are early and prolific producers, and need support to stay up right.


Heat level: very mild (approx. 1,500 SHU)
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Approximate number of seeds per pack: 20

Good for mangetout

Additional information

To eat as a mangetout

To eat Sivri Biber as a ‘mangetout’, do the following:
• Harvest immature, green fruit when they are 10 to 14cm long. At this stage, the seeds are still soft and pliable.
• Fry the fruit in hot oil until the skin blisters – we use British cold pressed rapeseed oil. The fruit spit and spatter, propelling hot oil from the pan, so be careful not to get burned.
• Scatter some salt over the fruit and eat them, seeds and all, while they are warm. Remember, though, that some of the fruit might be spicy.
• Other varieties that can be eaten as mangetout are Padron, Friggitello, Bullet and Turkish Delight.