A courgette that produces bulb-shaped fruit ideal for stuffing. Good for Turkish and Lebanese dishes.


Cucurbita pepo

Hybrid. The elongated fruit of Clarion are pale green and mottled with white specks. They have the same taste and texture as normal courgettes, and can be used in exactly the same way as any courgette. They are, however, bulbous shaped rather than cylindrical, making them the ideal vessel for stuffing with a rice or a meat mix.

Cooks familiar with Mediterranean vegetables will instantly recognise this variety as an indispensible ingredient in the cooking of both Turkish and Lebanonese (where it is known as cousa) cuisines.

Growth habit of the plants is semi-trailing rather than bushy like most courgettes, so they will need a little more space in the garden.

Number of seeds per pack: 10

RHS Award of Garden Merit