Nasturtium Tom Thumb mixed


Nasturtiums are edible plants, with both flowers and leaves being good to eat.


Tropaeolum majus

Nasturtiums are an edible ornamental, whose flowers and leaves can be eaten, adding exuberant colour and flavour to salads. Both flowers and leaves have a pungent flavour, a bit like rocket, horse radish, wasabi and cress – take your pick – while the flamboyant flowers are either red, yellow or orange, depending on which plants you grow.

Nasturtiums are a sun-loving annual adapted to doing well outdoors in Britain, and seed can be sown from spring onwards. The short stature of Tom Thumb makes these plants suitable for pot culture, though they can also be grown in the ground. The plants are vulnerable to attack by caterpillars and aphids (blackfly), so keep an eye out for the inevitable. Plants will continue growing well into the autumn, but they are cold sensitive, so will die down with the first frost.

The Tom Thumb varieties are an easily managed dwarf type that grow to about 25cm tall. “Tom Thumb mixed” has plants producing flowers of all three colours, red, yellow and orange

 Approximate number of seed per pack: 35