Amaranthus var. Blondie


A genuine Caribbean spinach (callaloo).


Amaranthus spp.

A genuine Caribbean spinach, Blondie is a Jamaican callaloo that has adapted to do well in British growing conditions. It produces yellowish green leaves spaced equi-distance along an upright stem. The seed originally came from an allotment near Wolverhampton where it was grown outdoors by a British Jamaican for many years.

Sow in June, and harvest when the stems are about 35 to 40cm tall, cutting about 7 to 8cm above ground level. New shoots will then sprout from the stumps, allowing a second cut to be made.

Approximate number of seed per pack: 500

Note: Amaranthus is a popular crop used in cuisines all over the world. As a food, there are fundamentally two different kinds: grain types that are grown for their tiny edible seeds; and vegetable types cultivated for their tender leaves and stems. In Britain, the vegetable ones are closely associated with the cooking of Bangladesh, the Caribbean and Africa, while commercial varieties are harvested young for salads.