Hunter French bean


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An abundance of flat podded, light green, stringless beans that are exceptionally long and very good tasting.

Climbing growth habit.


Phaseolus vulgaris

A climbing French bean that produces an abundance of flat podded, light green, stringless beans. The pods are exceptionally long (25cm), making picking easy and quick, and very good tasting.

Hunter has a climbing growth habit, so needs to be  supported in the same way as runner beans. With a spring sowing plants will continue producing pods throughout the summer. Hunter can also be grown in an unheated polytunnel or greenhouse (after all risks of frost) for an early crop – unlike runner beans, French beans do not need insects for pollination so there is no problem with fruit setting.

A friend who runs a vegetable box scheme, told us: “Hunter is a really great bean. All the squeal of a frenchy and the bulk of a runner. A fave in the boxes!”

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 40

RHS Award of Garden Merit