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A strong-flavoured Mexican herb indispensable for salsa and bean dishes.


Chenopodium ambrosiodies

Epazote is the herb of choice for Mexican salsas and bean dishes. Its strong aroma is reminiscent of turpentine or camphor with perhaps a little mint thrown in. This unflattering aroma, though, seems to blend seamlessly and pleasantly with the other ingredients when in a dish.

The tiny seed of Epazote should be spring-sown in modular trays filled with a fine compost, and germinated in a cooler environment. Germination is erratic and the sown seeds will germinate at different times. Once the seedlings have emerged they should be thinned down to 2 or 3 per cell.

When the roots have filled the cells, the plants can then be transplanted outdoors in late spring or early summer.

Epazote is a weak perennial. While it is usually treated as an annual in Britain in milder areas plants may overwinter and regrow the following year.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 600