Plain leaf (French) parsley


A  French or plain leaved parsley with upright leaves grow upright that have a pleasant, smooth parsley flavour.


Petroselinum crispum

A  French flat-leaved – or plain leaved – parsley. Leaves grow upright on plants are not as robust as the Giant Italian parsley. They have a pleasant, smooth parsley flavour that is ideal for using in all types of dishes.

The seed can be sown anytime, but for a full season crop should be sown March to April. Sow seed into modules and if possible, though not essential, germinate indoors (polytunnel or greenhouse) in full sun. Germination is very slow, So be patient. Transplant out when roots have filled the module.

Harvest by cut-and-come-again. Leaves will regenerate after being cut, and will produce continuously well into the autumn. The plants can also be overwintered in a tunnel or greenhouse from an August sowing. Perfect for growing in pots. 

Plants are biennials, and will flower in the spring after going through the winter.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 500