Red Russian



A very attractive and tasty kale producing grey-green, deeply-notched leaves with purple stalks and veins.


Brassica napus Pabularia Group

A very attractive plant that wouldn’t be out of place in a herbaceous border. The grey-green leaves are deeply-notched and slightly-blistered with purple stalks and veins. They have a relatively soft texture, and when eaten a rich buttery kale flavour.

Though a different species to other kale, this unusual leafy vegetable is a close relative and is grown and used in  the same way. For a winter crop seed should he sown into module trays in May or June, and transplanted outdoors the following month. Plants reach mature size in the winter, when individual leaves can be harvested as needed.

Red Russian can also be sown at any time of year and leaves harvested young. Autumn sown plants do best in a polytunnel or greenhouse.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 200