A quick maturing kohlrabi producing light green bulbs with a crisp, juicy, sweet flesh.


Brassica oleracea

Hybrid. Quickstar is an exceptionally quick maturing kohlrabi variety, producing bulbs ready for harvest in under two months.  The bulbs have a light green skin that surround a crisp, juicy, sweet flesh that is superb, both eaten raw or cooked. It produces high yields of a very uniform bulbs, which should be harvested when they are 50 to 75mm in diameter.

Very resistant to bolting, and the bulbs will stand in the garden for a long time with no trace of woodiness.

Sow from April to mid-August for outdoor crops; in September to October for growing indoors over winter. Sow in rows, leaving 10cm between plants in a row.

Approx. number of seed: 50

Award of Garden Merit