All The Year Round


A good tasting butterhead-type lettuce that produces attractive, soft-textured heads.


Lactuca sativa

This is a butterhead type of lettuce that has been around for awhile, so named as it can be grown all year round. From our experience it grows extremely well in the summer, producing superb heads of attractive, green, soft-textured and good tasting heads that any grower would be proud of. In the winter it did well in our polytunnel, producing larger but equally good heads.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 650 seeds

The name, ‘All the Year Round’, was given to a lettuce variety as far back as the 1880s – see The Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening, edited by George Nicholson. Could the ‘All The Year Round’ variety we sell be the same? Pretty doubtful, but we like to think that it is.