Lobjoits Green Cos


Lobjoits Green Cos is an older variety that has become the standard for large cos-type lettuces.


Lactuca sativa

Highly rated for both its taste and memorably crisp texture, Lobjoits is an older variety that has become a standard for large cos lettuces. At full maturity Lobjoits Green Cos plants have tall, upright leaves forming a bold, fairly loose head.

To grow full sized plants Lobjoits Green Cos  should be spaced about 30 cm apart. However, if seed is sown much closer the leaves can be harvested at the baby or teenage leaf stage under a cut-and-grow-again system. Provided the plant base is undamaged when leaves are harvested leaf production will continue and the plants will regrow for a second and third harvest.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 800