Red Frills


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A distinctive red mustard whose frilly leaves are standout additions to mixed salads.


Brassica juncea

A distinctive red mustard that has frilly leaves growing upright from a rosetted base. The frilly leaves give them a very attractive appearance, both in the garden – they wouldn’t be out of place used in a purely ornamental role – and in the kitchen.

The plants are a taller and slightly bigger-leafed than their sister variety to Golden Streaks (which we also sell).

Leaves can be harvested at any age, from baby leaf stage right through to fully mature. Their stand-out-and-notice-me colour, along with a rich, hot mustard flavour make the leaves a very interesting addition to any salad. They are also good in stir-fries, stews and curries.

Sow mid to late spring for outdoor crops and early autumn for overwintering in a tunnel or greenhouse.

Note: Mustards can be quite pungent, especially when eaten raw. Their pungency, however, differs considerably depending on growing conditions, plant part and age of the plant.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 200