Matador shallot


Something different – shallots grown from seeds instead of sets. Quite large red-tinged bulbs.


Allium cepa Aggregatum Group 

Hybrid. A relatively new development, these seed-sown shallots are cheaper to grow than an equivalent crop grown from sets. The roundish bulbs have a reddish-brown skin and a red-tinged flesh, and are larger than normal shallots, making them easier to use in the kitchen.

The seed is treated like onions, and can be either direct seeded into the ground or multi-seeded into modular trays and transplanted. Grown close together, they will then produce single bulbs from each plant, though there may be some splitting into doubles. Under normal conditions, shallots will store longer than onions, often lasting into the summer of the following year.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 80