Pak choi var. Joi Choi


A tall growing, white-stemmed pak choi that produces bold, dark green leaves with thick, crunchy, white stalks.


Brassica rapa Chinensis Group

Hybrid. In our opinion Joi Choi is the best pak choi there is. It is quick growing, producing leaves divided neatly into two parts: broad, white stalks that are juicy and crunchy; and eye catching, dark green blades that are tender and mild-flavoured.

The plants have an upright growth habit, and if allowed to mature, they will develop into bold, assertive heads that can be cut for an impressive one-off harvest. The variety is also perfectly adapted to a cut-and-grow-again system for multiple harvests. We have been growing Joi Choi for the last 20 years and have always been impressed by its performance, flavour and bolt resistance.

Sow from June to August for outside crops, and in September for overwintering in tunnels and greenhouses. Start the seeds in modular trays, transplanting the seedlings when their roots fill the modules. For full sized plants space about 30cm each way, closer if harvesting leaves younger.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 100