April Cross



A mooli radish producing large, elongated roots with a mild taste and a crisp, juicy texture.


Raphanus sativus

April Cross mooli radish
April Cross mooli radish

Hybrid. April Cross is a mooli-type radish, which is sometimes called a ‘daikon’. It produces large, elongated roots about 30cm and more in length. Both skin and flesh are white, and the flesh has a mild taste with a crisp, juicy texture.

We find April Cross to be more bolt-resistant than other mooli radishes – plants from a sowing we made in June hadn’t bolted by October.

The roots are very versatile in the kitchen. They are excellent raw in salads and crudités, or you could do what the Asians do and chop it up into a curry.

Sow June to August for outdoor crops; September to November for growing in a polytunnel or greenhouse overwinter. Leaving 30cm between rows and 10cm between plants in a row. 

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 50