A high yielding ‘sweet banana’ pepper from Eastern Europe.


Capsicum annuum

A ‘sweet banana’  pepper from Eastern Europe with elongated fruit that measure about 4 x 16cm. The mildly-flavoured fruit ripen from light green to red, and are traditionally used when green. Yield potential is high – we harvested an average of 26 fruit from plants grown in large pots.

The medium tall plants are well-suited to growing in the ground or pots 7.5 to 10 litres in size. Given their high yield potential, they need support so that they don’t fall over.

Though Semorah is from Eastern Europe, it is a credible substitute for Çarliston biber, one of the standard peppers used in Turkish cooking. Other Turkish peppers that we sell include the chillies Sivri Biber, Aci Kil and Rosemary, and the sweet peppers Turkish Delight and Turkish Dolma (or ‘Dolma Biber).

Approximate number of seed per pack: 15