Sunset is a sweet pepper that looks like a purple cayenne chilli.


Sunset is a cayenne-type sweet pepper with purple flowers, leaves and stems. The elongated, pointed fruit are also purple when young, eventually turning red when mature. They measure about 9 x 75mm and grow in bunches at the tips of the branches.

The short, bushy plants yield masses of fruit when grown in 7.5 litre pots, though smaller pots – down to 1 litre – can also be used. All said, Sunset is a spectacular ornamental sweet pepper producing colourful, heatless fruit that can be used for garnishing and decoration.

Approximate number of seed per pack: 15 seeds

Bred by Sea Spring Seeds.

We have also bred Sunrise, a bushy plant producing similar-shaped, heatless fruit that start yellow and ripen to a red. We also have chilli versions, Dawn and Dusk – the plants look identical, but the fruit are hot chillies.