Turkish Dolma


An extremely prolific Turkish sweet pepper traditionally used for stuffing.

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Capsicum annuum

A Turkish pepper that is a prolific producer of smallish, blocky fruit measuring about 6 X 6.5cm. The fruit ripen from light green to red and are relatively thin-fleshed.  Often used when green, they are stuffed with various concoctions once the stem and central core are removed. But don’t despair if fruit left on the plant turn red – they become sweeter and are just as good for cooking.

The short plants yield brilliantly when grown in the ground or pots 5 to 10 litres in size. Despite their diminutive size, they need some support to stay upright.

Turkish Dolma is part of our collection of Turkish peppers that includes Aci Kil, Turkish Delight, Rosemary, and Sivri Biber.

Approximate number of seeds per pack: 20