A sprawling, determinate tomato producing large yields of good tasting, small, plum-shaped fruit.

Friut size: small, plum-shaped


A sprawling, determinate tomato producing small, plum-shaped fruit about 20mm wide and 25 to 30mm long.

The fruit ­are not only produced in abundance but are also sweet and good-tasting. The large plants can spread to more than 1.5 meters in width and are claimed to be blight resistant – making them worth growing outdoors.  If they are grown in the ground, plant them through a black plastic mulch to keep the branches off the soil. Alternatively, grow the plants in pots least 7.5 litres in volume, keeping them on top of a pallet or sturdy table.

Determinate (bush) growth habit.

Approximate number of seed per pack: 10 seeds