Red Alert


An early maturing bush tomato producing high yields of red, juicy fruit.

Fruit type: medium-sized, round


Solanum lycopersicum

An early-to-mature, bushy tomato that can be kept undercover for early harvests of fruit.  The plants are also worth trying outdoors in warmer, more favourable gardens. Though not blight resistant, they normally produce plently of ripe fruit before the first attacks of blight. Whether the plants are outdoors or under cover, they can be grown in the ground or pots at least 7.5 litres in size.

The fruit of Red Alert are red when ripe, with a good flavour and juicy texture. They measure about 38mm in diameter, which is larger than a cherry-type tomato.

An older, British-bred variety that delivers the goods.

Determinate (bush) growth habit.

Approx. number of seeds per pack: 20