Captain Beefheart


A Romanian tomato producing large, heart-shaped fruit that are delicious fresh or cooked.

Fruit type: beefsteak


Solanum lycopersicum

A Romanian tomato producing large, roughly heart-shaped fruit that weigh an average of 365g and measure about 8.5cm in diameter. Captain Beefheart’s big taste is combined with a juicy flesh, tender skin and few seeds, making it one of the best large-fruited tomatoes you are likely to encounter. The plants are good growers and will produce fruit well into the autumn.

A great variety whether it is eaten fresh or fried as part of a Full English Breakfast.

Indeterminate (cordon) growth habit

Approximate number of seed per pack: 15

Additional information

Cooking suggestions

• To eat fresh, cut the fruit into thick slices, dust with some salt and pepper and dig in with a knife and fork – almost a meal in itself.
• For equally good eating, gently fry thick slices of Captain Beefheart in a bit of olive oil as part of a Full English Breakfast – the pinnacle of British cooking is taken to another level.