Ovi’s Romanian Giant


An extra large, good-flavoured beefsteak tomato from Romania.

Fruit type: beefsteak


Solanum lycopersicum

Given to us by our Romanian friend Ovi Rominger, this is an extra large beefsteak tomato producing some of the biggest fruit we’ve ever seen – they regularly exceed 1kg and can tip the scale at 1.7kg. The eating quality is superb – not only do the fruit taste great, but they also have a texture that is  smooth and buttery.

The only downside is that the fruit are prone to cat facing (corking) on their blossom end, an affliction often found in heritage beefsteak tomatoes. But don’t let its presence put you off – once it is cut out, the fruit are perfectly good to eat.

The plants are vigorous and, unlike many heritage beefsteak varieties, continue to produce fruit well into the autumn.

Indeterminate (cordon) growth habit.

Approximate number of seed per pack: 20