Micro Cherry


The ultimate tomato for hanging baskets. Plants are large and spreading with long, cascading branches full of very small, tasty fruit

Fruit type: very small, round


Solanum lycopersicum

Micro Cherry is the ultimate tomato for hanging baskets. Plants are large and spreading with long, cascading branches full of fruit. Growth habit is determinate, so no pruning is necessary. The juicy red fruit are quite small, measuring about 20mm in diameter. For the biggest ­– and most dramatic plants – use containers 5 to 10 litres in size.

A unique and impressive variety that will not disappoint.

Determinate (bush) growth habit with long trailing branches

Approximate number of seeds per pack: 15

Additional information

General information

The variety ‘Micro Cherry’ is probably the same variety as ‘Hundreds and Thousands’, or even '100s and 1000s'. We use the name ‘Micro Cherry’ since that’s how the seed was sold to us.
Micro Cherry is a variety we’ve wanted to sell for some time. A source of seed eluded us until 2020, when one of our wholesalers started to stock it. Before we could list it in our catalogue, however, we wanted to trial it on our nursery so we could judge its worthiness.

We were a bit slow getting seed, so it wasn’t sown until 22 June, 2020 – much later than our normal sowing date for tomatoes of 1 March. Assessment of Micro Cherry was done on a single plant grown in a 10 litre pot in one of our greenhouses. It was regularly fertilised and watered, and responded to our attentions by growing large and producing masses of flowers and fruits.

By the first week in October, the plant had a spread of over 90cm. It grew 30cm tall, and had hanging branches were almost 50cm long.

Fruit numbers were impressive, too: the plant had 265 fruit in the orange to red stage of ripeness, and 647 green fruit, giving a total of 912. And there were still plenty of flowers poised to produce even more fruit if the trial had continued.

The results ­– though based only on a single plant – were encouraging. Next year we’ll three or so plants, and mollycoddle in an attempt to achieve our goal of 2000 to 3000 ripe fruit per plant. And we think the cascading branches are capable of growing to over a meter long, conferring on Micro Cherry a grace and elegance few tomatoes display.