Patio Plum


An endearingly eccentric tomato with firm, crinkly leaves. 

Fruit type: small plum

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Close-up of Patio Plum fruit
The leaves of Patio Plum are very firm, and look a bit like Black Tuscany kale.

An endearingly offbeat tomato with small leaves that are crinkly and dark green, much like those of a Savoy cabbage or Black Tuscany (Cavalo Nero) kale. 

Even the growth habit of the plants is peculiar ­– upright, short and compact, with little spread.  The main stems get only about 60 to 80cm tall and produce side shoots and branches that don’t need pinching out. Because of their diminutive size, the plants are a perfect fit for small spaces in the greenhouse or conservatory. Grow them in 3 to 5 litre pots, using canes for support.

The fruit are small plums that measure about 25mm in diameter and mature from light green to red. A chewy skin surrounds a flesh that is both juicy and tasty ­– an unexpected treat made more so by the eccentricity of the plants.

A surprisingly decorative tomato.

Approximate number of seeds per pack: 15

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 We feel that both taste and yields are better on plants grown indoors.