An early variety producing small, pale yellow and juicy, pleasantly-flavoured fruit.

Fruit type: small, round


Solanum lycopersicum

One fruit of a snowberry tomato
The fruit of Snowberry tomatoes are an attractive pale, pastel yellow.

Something different for the salad bowl, the round fruit of this cherry-type variety measure about 35mm in diameter. When ripe the fruit are not white, as the name implies, but an attractive light yellow. They have a soft, juicy texture and a very pleasant, mild tomato flavour. The plants are vigorous and fairly early to mature.

Attractive on their own, the fruit put on a particularly colourful display when combined with small fruited tomatoes of other colours, such as Black Cherry (brown) and Golden Crown (yellow) and Sakura (red).

Indeterminate (cordon) growth habit

Approximate number of seeds per pack: 20