Cinnamon Girl pumpkin


A classic – but small – orange pumpkin with a perfect uniform shape.


Cucurbita pepo

A classic orange pumpkin with a perfect uniform shape, making them great for Halloween jack o’ lanterns. The orange flesh has a strong pumpkin flavour, and can be used to make pumpkin pies, jams or soups. The flesh is not sweet, so be sure to use plenty of sugar.

Fruit sizes are small, averaging around 12 to 13cm in diameter and weighing about 600g in weight. The vines are quite manageable, and do not grow very  long – the most they are likely to grow is 1.8m. This means they are better suited to small gardens than many other pumpkin varieties.

Storage life of the fruit is relatively short, and any left over from Halloween should be used before Christmas.

Number of seeds per pack: 8