Crown Prince


One of the best tasting, most useful winter squashes there is.

Highly recommended.


Cucurbita maxima

Hybrid. Produced on trailing plants, the grey-skinned fruit of this winter squash are large, measuring up to 20cm in diameter and weighing an average of 2.4kg. The bright orange, thick flesh is smooth-textured, dry and sweet, making this the gourmet’s choice for roasting, pureeing and baking into pies.

This is our favourite winter squash.

Number of seeds per pack: 6

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Additional information

More information

a) Fruit should be harvested when they are mature, sometime in the autumn. Fortunately, maturity of Crown Prince is easily determined: the thick green stems of the fruit turn dry, brown and corky.
b) Fruit should be, brought undercover before the first frost.
c) Harvest with secateurs, leaving about 2 to 3cm of stem on the fruit.