A prolific butternut squash with a tan skin and orange flesh that is moist, sticky and pleasantly sweet.


Cucurbita moschata

Hybrid. A prolific butternut squash distinguished by its manageable, not-too-big fruit weighing about 700 grams. Surrounded by a smooth, tan skin, the fruit vary considerably in shape, from oval to roundish, as well as dumbbell and pear. They have a small seed cavity at one end, and the eating quality is very good – the orange flesh is moist and sticky and not overly sweet.

Hunter’s vines are quite short and need less space to grow compared to other squash varieties. Despite the diminutive size of the vines, we harvested a remarkable 46 fruit from 6 plants in our 2021 trial.

RHS Award of Garden Merit

Approximate number of seeds per pack: 8