Triple Treat pumpkin


Mid-sized pumpkins that give triple value for money: good for cooking (pies, soups, etc.), naked seed (no hull so easy to eat) and perfect for jack o’lanterns.


Cucurbita pepo

A bright orange pumpkin that gives triple value for money:

  • In the first instance, it is perfect for carving into Halloween jack o’lanterns.
  • Secondly, it has ‘naked’ seeds that can be dried and eaten as a snack without the need for peeling off a tough outer hull.
  • And finally, its attractive orange flesh is delicious in pies, soups and stews.

The medium-sized fruit are very uniform, weighing about 3kgs. With such versatility, Triple Treat is the only pumpkin you will need to grow.

Plants have a trailing growth habit.

Number of seeds per pack: 10