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Atlantic Giant

If you are into growing giant vegetables then this is the variety. If you just want a big, tasty pumpkin then this is also the one for you.

Price: £2.00

Cucurbita maxima

Everyone needs a hobby, so why not grow giant pumpkins?

On the fringes of extreme sport, giant pumpkin competitions seem to be on the increase – and Atlantic Giant is a winning variety. Growing prize-winning fruit isn’t difficult: simply water during dry periods, maintain good fertility levels, and leave only one fruit per plant. Your only problem is transporting the biggest to and from the venue. Good luck!

Or, if competitions aren't your thing then growing Atlantic Giant is still fun, and a certain way of impressing your neighbours on the allotment! And at the end of the season you will be making more pumpkin jam than you have friend and relatives for Christmas presents.

Normally pumpkins are grown outdoors, but if you are serious about growing competition fruit then you will get bigger fruit from plants grown in a polytunnel; and if you are REALLY serious then only keep one fruit on each plant. The plants need plenty of space as the trailing vines can grow up to 6 metres long. 

Number of seeds per pack: 8