It is with great sadness and frustration that we have to inform all our customers that due to Bexit we cannot send orders to the EU.

It is possible that sometime in the future ‘equivalence’ of regulations will be agreed and the law will allow seed to be sent to the EU. However, we have had no idea when – or even if – this might happen.

In reality, though, even with equivalence we may still encounter a problem. With the UK out of the EU there is now a ‘plant health border’ between the trading partners. So if/when we get equivalence the EU may still insist on a phytosanitary certificate to accompany all seed sent to the EU. For us, sending out small retail seed packs the paperwork would be enormous, and simply would NOT be a viable option.

Brexit is also the reason we can no longer offer several of our very popular varieties. It has become very difficult for EU seed companies to export seed to the UK, and after lots of difficulties, several companies have stopped sending seed to the UK.